Why Choose Thailand for Medical Treatment

There is little doubt that in recent years there has been a rapid rise in the number of people who are looking at the possibility of travelling abroad for medical treatment – in fact the practice now has it’s own name – ‘medical tourism’. Medical tourism is an industry that is thriving and based around the lower cost of medical care that can be achieved in countries such as Thailand; all without foregoing on the levels of treatment. There are a number of reasons why people may choose Thailand such as cost, lack of waiting lists and of course the quality of care.

In Thailand you will receive high quality treatment at affordable prices. These low prices now make the medical tourism a very real possibility for a greater number of people. The top hospitals, of which there a number, have male and female native English speaking concierge staff who will help to put your mind at ease and guide you through the process step by step. All of the hospitals have internationally trained medical staff that are up to date with the latest practices and these hospitals often have state of the art equipment that would be the envy of many hospitals in the Western World.

It seems almost flippant to say, but sometimes medical tourism really is a holiday with many of the hospitals in Thailand being more akin to a 5 star hotel rather than a hospital. Everyone is on hand to make your stay as pleasant and as comfortable as possible.

Why choose Thailand for heart surgery?

There can be nothing worse that been told that you need to undergo heart surgery. It is a natural human response to immediately fear the worst but with modern medicine that no longer has to be the case. In Thailand many of the hospitals now have the latest equipment with doctors trained to the highest standards to perform ground breaking procedures that are not only quicker, less traumatic but also have a greater chance of success.

You will receive high quality treatment at affordable prices from internationally trained medical staff that are supported by male and female native English speaking concierge staff so you will have peace of mind in a stress free environment.

Why choose Thailand for joint replacement?

As we get older there is little doubt that our joints are one of the first things to let us know. In days gone by we used to see men and women in pain and struggling to walk with joints that had succumbed to arthritis. This pain seemed like something they just had to live with but luckily not anymore. Hip replacements have been relatively common for decades but now other joints such as knees and shoulders can also be replaced.

In Thailand you will have access to the latest joint replacement methods, internationally trained medical staff as well as high quality treatment at affordable prices with the backup of both male and female native English speaking concierge staff.  

Why choose Thailand for cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is something that is growing in popularity in both men and women but is often seen as something that is out of reach price wise. Thailand has become a popular destination to have this sort of treatment for two reasons. The first is obviously price but the second is the simple fact that many of the surgeons have years of experience carrying out these procedures and use the latest methods that are available globally. Thailand is now regarded as one of the World leaders when it comes to cosmetic surgery so why wouldn’t you consider it as an option?

Why choose Thailand for infertility treatment?

Infertility is something that effects many couples and can put an immense strain on a relationship with couples spending their life savings trying for a baby. At the Phyathai Hospital in Sriracha they have Dr. Suchada who is a World renowned expert in IVF treatment. She boasts a proven success rate in excess of 65% which is the highest success rate in all of South East Asia.

Her laboratory has been custom built based on the best IVF labs from around the World. She uses a sophisticated security software system called IVF witness and her clinical expertise includes infertility treatment, IVF, embryology, reproductive medicine and genetic science so is therefore able assist more couples than ever before. You can find more details about Dr. Suchada by visiting her website: www.ivfservicesthailand.com

Why do you need a yearly health check up?

The old adage that prevention is better than cure couldn’t be more true especially when it comes to your health. Most diseases such as cancer and heart disease can be cured if they are diagnosed early enough. Sadly, often when we start getting symptoms it can be too late. An annual health check up would greatly increase your chances of an early diagnosis as well as also being able to give you the reassurances that you may be looking for.

Here in Thailand we have some of the best annual health check up packages that you will find anywhere in the World and all at affordable prices and performed by internationally trained medical staff. Your health is the most valuable thing so why wouldn’t you consider an annual health check up?



“From August 13, if we suspect any foreigner of working illegally in Thailand on a tourist visa, that person will be detained and deported, even if the foreigner has not previously completed even a single visa run,”

It’s now more important than ever to get your visa situation in order before coming to Thailand. Medical Services Thailand can help you to obtain a visa for medical tourism by providing a letter which will help you to obtain a Non Imm O visa. This type of visa is valid for stays of up to 90 days. The new visa regulations are being brought into force with the intention of cracking down on illegal workers, however it is expected that it will coincide with stricter regulations on proving funds and purpose for all tourists entering Thailand.

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Non Pai and Pineapple Juice – The Western Woman’s Guide To Having Children in Thailand

western women having children in Thailand

First Steps – Choosing A Doctor And A Hospital

If your Thai is anywhere less than proficient, pay careful attention to the English level of not just your chosen Doctor, but other staff at the hospital too. It’s pretty likely that you’re going to need a bit more vocabulary than just ‘jep mak’ during the course of pregnancy and labour.

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Happiness contributes to good health

It has been proven time and time again that happy contented people are healthier!

Happiness comes in all different shapes and sizes and many different factors can contribute to it, such as your home life, working environment and relationships with people around you.

Life is never perfect but searching for the silver lining instead of complaining that the glass

Glass half full or half empty

Is Your Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

is half empty can have a positive impact on your mental health, help to lower blood pressure and reduce the need for artificial substances such as alcohol or cigarettes.

Please check out this recent post on PattayaTrader.Com to learn more about the topic of staying healthy and happy whilst living in Thailand.

By Gemma Purnell